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Flor and Fjære

Flor and Fjære are located on a remote island, south right outside of Stavanger. And here you'll find the most amazing garden. Colors and shapes are competing for attention. Where ever you turn there is a new garden or a new color. This island is spectacular.

Over 50.000 thousand colorful plants, tiny small footpaths that lead to an even more beautiful space, bamboo trails, and a beach that looks like a tropical island.

Suddenly you are in the desert, and the next second you are in a Japanese garden, with capes swimming lazily in the pond.

Our journey started by boat from Stavanger city and after 20 minutes we were on the island Hidle

It starts with a tour of the garden and the history behind the island, and not least all the work involved in creating the garden of Eden. After the tour, it's dinner in the new greenhouse, and here're the waiters lined up ready to serve you the most delicious dishes.

And all food is from local producers and the garden.

Nye drivhuset med resturant


Appetizer: Hidlefjord fish soup

Main course: Sterling halibut fillet from Ryfylket

Dessert: Ice cream sorbet

Everything is decorated with edible flowers from the island. A feast for the eyes and a dance for the palate.

This was worth every second. So now it's time to go home and plan that cottage garden, if they can, maybe we can create it too. Could that be because our ambition is a bit too high:-)


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