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Natural Cleaning Hack

After a trip to the store, I found out that if you want a chemical-free cleaner, then you have to open your wallet.

It's insane how expensive it is to be both environmentally friendly and take care of your health. We needed to figure out a way to make it cheaper.

So after a bit of searching and asking we found some cleaning hacks. After a few rounds at the shops, we had what we needed. It was time to test.

The purchase list can be found further down in the article.

General cleaning solution

NOTE: do not use cleaning agents with vinegar on granite, marble, or natural stone

You need: 1 empty spray bottle (we bought glass bottles from sisters Grene and Granit), but use what you have, just wash and rinse them well. 1 part water 1 part vinegar (usually 7% works great) 10 - 30 essential oils (can be skipped) Mix water and vinegar in the bottle, then add the number of drops of essential oils, here it is your preferences that determine how strong the smell you want. Shake well, spray, and wipe with a well-knitted washcloth. If you want to knit your clothes, you will find a simple knitting pattern on our blog.

General cleaning for Granite, Marble, and Natural Stone

You need:

4.5 dl hot water

1 tablespoon Castille soap (you can get it at most health food stores)

Shake and spray, this mixture will also remove fingerprints and dirt on the steel.

Air freshener

You need:

2dl water

2 tablespoons vodka (cheap is best here)

20 drops of essential oils

1 empty spray bottle, washed and dried

Mix water, vodka, and essential oils in the bottle and shake well before use.

Vodka can not be skipped as the oil must dissolve in water.

Bathroom spray

You need:

2.5 dl vinegar

4 teaspoons Castille soap

20 drops of essential oils of your choice

Mix well and spray on showers, bathtubs, and tiles. Rinse and wipe

Here you can download a free label for the spray bottles


Download PDF • 204KB

Shopping list:



Essential oils

Castile soap


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