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Women, get your act together

* Disclaimer: This advice is recommended in Norway, and we have tried to translate it to English so people living in Norway can get this information as vi consider women's health to be a priority. Seek more information at the nearest healthcare provider or doctor.

I wish I didn't have to write about this, but again and again, it has to be assigned space.

Because it turns out every year that thousands of women skip the doctor's appointment, yes, we're talking about the tiny 15 minutes at the doctor/gynecologist.

To you who drop that appointment, you with millions of excuses to not take the pap smear. Do you realize that is a very selfish act?

The fact that you decline the 15 minutes thinking that it was easy to avoid feeling discomfort?

Has it ever occurred to you that if you discover possible cancer too late, how many hours, weeks, and years of discomfort and pain cancer therapy will cause you, and those closest to you? Just because you were cowardly and selfish and wanted to avoid 15 minutes of discomfort every 3 years?

Pick up that phone now, and book that appointment.... if not for you, do it for those you love.

Women's legs from House of Samayo
We are all different, embracing that. Take care of your health

Preparation before sampling

  • The cell sample must not be taken during menstruation.

  • Avoid intercourse in the last two days before the pap smear.

  • Do not use tampons in the last two days before the pap smear.

  • Avoid using vaginal creams, jellies, or other vaginal medications in the last two days before the test. (source: HelseNorge)

The tips that make the appointment with the doctor/gynecologist easier

  • Wet wipes - then you get a quick fresh-up before pulling into the chair

  • Light-leg clothes so that you can get them on and off easily. Less time at the doctor's office

  • Have a clean panty ready in a small bag with a panty liner already fixed in the panty, then you don't have to put on the old panty and not least you have your favorite brand of panty liner rather than the doctors' cheap brands. And you save time.

  • Bring a friend, it's permitted


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