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The 10 best tips for a pleasant flight

We had a chat with a flight attendant about what you can do to make your next flight a more pleasant experience, and she has shared her best advice so you can get the best service and comfortable travel.

If there is one thing you should do, it’s SMILE. it goes a long way to show acknowledgment to your flight attendants.

When that’s said, let’s talk about the big elephant in the room. The hand luggage!!

“ Never ever go barefoot or even on your socks to the bathroom, you never know if someone missed the bowl “

Nr 1 Hand luggage

Nothing is more irritating than someone holding up the whole line trying to do the impossible task of fitting too-big hand luggage into the small overhead department.

Different airplane companies have different rules, always read their instructions

Choose a soft bag, that can easily slip under your seat, which means it's easier for you to reach what you need during the flight.

Nr 2 something to wrap around you

A pashmina scarf can be a lifesaver on an airplane, which can be cold due to the air conditioner. They take up very little space sometimes as they are big enough to wrap around you

Nr 3 Noice

Noise-canceling headphones are a must. Or earbuds. The noise level on an airplane can be slightly irritating. Make sure you can cancel out noises. Download audiobooks, podcasts, or music.

Nr 4 hydration

And no we don't mean only wine, drink water. You will thank us later for that one.

Nr 5 picnic

Bring food! And this comes from a flight attendant, airplane food is not top-notch. It's dry and tastes just salty, and it cost you more than it tastes.

nr 6 feet

What on earth have feet to do with traveling? I would claim everything. Choose shoes that are easy to get off and on. And NEVER go barefoot or on your sock into the lavatory. Turbulence happens, so if you think it's only water on the floor soaking into your socks, you're very mistaken. And to double down on the dirtiness, I've seen some passengers strutting back up the aisle carefree and then flopping their filthy feet on the empty seat or tray table next to them.

Nr 8 Hygiene

Referring to the post above, bring anti-bacterial wipes. It won't hurt to wipe the area around you. And remember to wipe your hands, the water in the lavatory is not the best quality. So if you need to brush your teeth, use bottled water. Otherwise, pick up your trash. As a courtesy to your flight attendant. They work insanely long hours and, have the dirty job of picking up your trash.

nr 7 paper

Make sure you have all your papers in order, and if you have tight connecting, let your flight attendant know. Remember you won't get faster off the airplane if you get up. Sit and relax.

Nr 8 Layer up

Dress comfortably, soft fabrics will make your flight a lot easier. But remember comfortably does not mean trashy. Dress nicely, you are representing yourself, no need to lower your standard.

And layer up, it can be cold and warm on an airplane, you’ll never know.

Nr 9 Safty first

Buckle your seatbelt over the blanket, that way the flight attendants can check if you are safe in case of turbulence. And best of all they don’t have to wake you up to check

Nr 10 contact lenses

Do yourself a favor, and skip the contact lenses. Use your glasses, then you don’t have to deal with dry eyes

Editors best pick

Bag from Lalla Noise-canceling headphones. Stor skal fra HM

Disclaimer: Non of these products are sponsored, this is only our recommendations


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