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Weekend bag

Finally an all-girls weekend trip. But what to bring in a single weekend bag? No worries, we are here to help you. I have no idea how numerous times I´ve scratched my head wondering what to bring. Here is our hot tip to pack:

1. A black blazer, you can't go wrong with that one

It works with everything, jeans, dresses, skirt or a pants. Just make sure your blazer fits you perfectly. Believe me, if it doesn't, you will not wear it.

2. Shoes that fit your feet.

Please bring good comfortable shoes. travel with them, you are probably going to walk some miles in them. You ain't gone look fabulous if you walk like an old lady. And your back and feet deserve to have a great time to.

3. Sunglasses and umbrella.

A strange combination, but invaluable individually. If you are surprised by the rain, you will have an umbrella available. This ensures that you can maintain your regular activity and enjoy yourself regardless of the rain. Sunglasses are so that you do not have to squint so much in the sun and avoid a small headache. You pull both parts in the bag and are a guaranteed winner if they should be needed to use.

Have a great trip.

Remember that we are NOT sponsored and what we write and take pictures of are our things.

Bildet er stylet av Veronica og fotografert av Lena


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