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Chia pudding

Simple chia pudding that tastes good and is good for the stomach

A healthy stomach is good for your overall health

For those of you who are bothered by slow digestion, it may be good to know that chia is a very good source of fiber; they are mucus-forming in the intestine and can promote digestion if you struggle with constipation ,remember drink enough water! Ref.

Chia pudding is super easy to make and you will eventually find out which is your favorite. Some people prefer to make it with coconut milk, others with yoghurt or just with milk.

I myself have found that mixing milk and yoghurt is my favorite.

If you want it sweet, just add some honey or other sweetener. I am not so fond of the sweet. I think it is enough with fresh berries on top, but a little maple syrup balances the sour and gives a round taste to the yogurt.


Ingredient lists

2.5 dl natural yoghurt

1.5 dl milk

0.5 dl chia seeds

2 tablespoons maple syrup / or honey

A little vanilla sugar if you need more sweetness

Let's get started

Mix together all the ingredients.

It takes some time before the chia seeds mix in with the milk and yogurt. They will sink downward. I therefore always have the bowl standing on the kitchen counter for a while and go and stir in it at regular intervals.

As I see that the pudding starts to settle, I pour the chia pudding into a smaller containers, but make sure to have room for both fruit and granola on top.

Then just keep cold in the fridge for 4-6 hours.

Ideally, it can be left cold in the fridge until the next morning. Then just enjoy this delicious chia pudding with berries and granola.



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